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Major sleeping problems!!? I can't sleep!!

I have always seemed to suffer from bouts of insomnia, but it's just getting very frustrating now. I was perscribed sleeping pills, which did work, but I would rather not rely on them.  I have also used the herbal treatments, but they don't appear to work. I have had tried pretty much everything from counting sheep and warm milk, to yoga and meditation - but nothing works.

Why do people get insomnia, my partner goes to sleep almost instantly, where it takes me a good hour or so before I drift off. Any sleeping tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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you have try all and put too much money on it and if it really means that much to you and then now i want to tell you two things for sleep [ 1--easy way 2--hard way]

1--the easy way is learn how to cool dwn your brain and heart and blood flow becose you can never sleep if this things are hot like in day time and so take fresh aire or tak off your cloth or make room more cool or no too much stress that can make all hot agein and other easy way is put small sald on tang that can hypnotis you to sleep but its not healthy if do too much or put some menthol oil on feet and focos on your feet becose you will fall in sleep if all oxigan go dwn

2--ok now lets look in hard way if you really love to sleep in time and it is tibetan dream yoga skill and its healthy if dont do too much and so now you cant sleep right? and then dont sleep tonight and tomarow untill night and i mean dont sleep one night and one day and its very hard becose you might want to sleep in day time by saying ''ohh now i am sleepy becose i did not sleep last night'' but dont that and dont sleep untill 11 pm at night and eat more good food and drink more coffee in day time or go out and have fune

ok after this i am 100% sure you will sleep easyly in 11 pm without spending too much money on sleep pill but one thing you must promis is that you must always wek up in time and thats the only key to sleep in time and the only key to our body clock and so this will not just put your sleep on line but will put all your mind and body and life on line and sometime you have to give your best if you love the best

wish it help and thanks and good night zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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